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Unfair Business Practices

Los Angeles Business Lawyers Protecting Free Enterprise

Free enterprise is the foundation of American business. The right for companies to compete fairly and equitably for business has been a cornerstone of our economic system since the inception of our country. When a company edges out another due to predatory, deceptive, or fraudulent tactics, however, legitimate competition is pushed aside and valid commerce is squashed.

At Campbell & Farahani, LLP, we are dedicated to ensuring our clients' rights to compete on a level playing field. If your company has been negatively impacted due to the unfair business practices of a rival individual or company, our Los Angeles business law attorneys can aggressively litigate on your behalf to halt their unscrupulous methods and restore balance to your business.

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Ceasing Business Interference

Establishing relationships with customers, employees, and vendors is essential to any successful business. When competitors attempt to prevent the formation of a business enterprise, or interfere with an existing business relationship, that conduct can cause substantial harm to you or your business.

Our firm can work to prevent another business from restricting your right to cultivate and maintain effective business relationships. These types of obstructions can include:

  • Violation of non-competition agreements
  • Undue influences, coercion, or threats to customers, vendors, or business partners
  • Libel and slander

Safeguarding Your Business's Reputation

You've worked hard to build your company's reputation. Unfortunately, misleading or fraudulent information emanating from a rival or disgruntled former employee can tarnish or even destroy your business's good name. If your company has been the victim of an attempt to diminish the status of your business, our Los Angeles business lawyers can pursue the avenues necessary to seek retribution.

We are prepared to defend against any types of dishonest strategies, including:

  • False advertising
  • Trade defamation
  • Libel or slander

Swift Legal Reputation to Guard Your Business

Unfair business practices can have widespread and long-lasting ramifications to the viability of your company. Whether the unscrupulous behavior is committed by a business rival, former partner, or disgruntled employee, it needs to be addressed promptly to cease its harmful impact.

Our Los Angeles business law attorneys can provide the skilled legal counsel you require to halt damaging and fraudulent actions. Request a consultation with Campbell & Farahani, LLP today to acquire the swift and decisive legal representation you need to protect your business!